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humanity | (h)yoōˈmanitē |
1 the human race; human beings collectively
2 humaneness; benevolence
3 ( humanities) learning or literature concerned with human culture

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love vs. Hate

Fresh on the heels of debuting the Inspiration Workshop, I'm again drawn to this ongoing reflection of LOVE and HATE in the world. While these two states are so uniquely hard to boil down to a simple definition, I find it revealing how much they're used in language.

Of course, just because someone uses the word HATE or LOVE in their tweet (post on Twitter) this doesn't necessarily mean that they are conveying their absolute support for either of these concepts. Saying "I hate French class!" doesn't mean that you are making a stand for HATE.

Or does it? Could it be possible that our language is in fact a reflection of what is in our heart? If so, our choice of language might be indicative to how much room we allow in our heart for just about anything. Somewhere between an individual tweet on LOVE and a summary of how often people tweet LOVE each day exists a representation of Humanity.

How often in our lives do we evoke the words LOVE and HATE without truly understanding the impact of what comes out of our mouth? If our language has meaning, then the words we choose to use to express oursleves during our lifetime have meaning too. Our choice of how we choose to live in the world affects others even if we're not necessarily aware of the impact.

When I express my HATE to others I'm enabling HATE to live in the world. In my tiny contribution to Humanity, my evoking the words HATE or LOVE justifies their existence. So too if I choose not to allow HATE to live within my being I can commit myself to this cause by not allowing myself to be so loose with my language. If we all embarked on such a cause I'd wager the world would be a better place.

As the Trendrr chart depicts, we are making a difference. Love is rising and has a more prominant place in our culture than we might realize. More people choose to express themselves using the word LOVE than those that choose HATE.

What do you choose?