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humanity | (h)yoōˈmanitē |
1 the human race; human beings collectively
2 humaneness; benevolence
3 ( humanities) learning or literature concerned with human culture

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dodged the Cancer Bullet Today

During a routine eye exam a few weeks ago my doctor noticed a pigmentation in my right eye which, upon imaging, was determined to be a nevus. In layman's terms, this is a birthmark or mole and they're usually benign. But, as they can become cancerous, I was referred to a specialist in order to have a Retinal Thickness Analysis performed.

As an author on the subject of spirituality and healing, this experience brought me into a real world connection to my beliefs. I firmly believe in the healing power of God and our ability to self-heal, so learning that I might have cancer was truly an awakening. It is one thing to believe and quite another to put it to the proverbial test.

This morning I made my way over to the specialist's office to have the procedure performed. The test itself is non-invasive and only takes a few minutes to perform. And when it is finished you have a color snapshot of your eye. In my case, they took one shot of the direct center of the eye and another centered on the novus itself. I walked out of the office with my report in hand, but couldn't decipher anything conclusive about it. So I drove over to my optometrist.

Waiting in the exam room I prepared myself for the worse. "Whatever is on that piece of paper," I told myself. "It can't be changed now."

And then it dawned on me how I wasn't engaged in my own future. Before me was a door that, upon opening, would usher in a doctor to reveal my future. That voice in my head told me that my future had already been printed in ink and no amount of wishful thinking would change it.

We make countless decisions every day that change the outcome of our future. From life changing events to the seemingly small meaningless choices, we chart our own path down this road called life with our every sensation, thought and feeling. And in this moment, I awoke to the reality of my situation and my ability to chart my own future.

Instead of believing that I had no ability to change the nevus on the backside of my eye, I instead said the following:

  • I choose that door to open and bring me health.
  • I choose that door to open and bring an opportunity for me to grow.
  • I choose that door to open and bring with it the power to make a difference in the world.
  • I choose that door to open and bring healing into my life.
  • I choose that door to open with an opportunity to fulfill my purpose.

And then I sat and watched the door. It seemed an eternity, but within seconds the door opened. The doctor sat down, pulled open my charts and stared intently at them for a long time. I waited.

I don't want you to think that I was sitting in that chair confidant that he was going to tell me everything was going to be OK. And I don't want you to think that I was not scared. But I will tell you that I knew that the door opened in my favor and that was enough for me.

"These look good," he concluded. "It isn't elevated and that's a good sign."

I don't necessarily believe that my awakening to choice changed the results of that test. But, then again, I also believe that time is merely one of the eleven dimensions in our Universe and thus change in the past isn't impossible.

But the lesson remains the same, "We are Divinely inspired creatures who are called to fulfill our purpose."

In choosing my purpose instead of accepting fate, I changed more than my future. In that moment, the entire Universe changed and more life healing energy came my way. Be it for healing cancer or fulfilling my purpose, this Divine energy is what can change the world, fuel our growth and heal the sick.

I struggle to express the peace that brings me. I only hope that you can find the same path to choose your future and join me in fulfilling our purpose.


Darwin Stephenson

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